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Credit Exchange
  • At-scale credit marketplace for digital lending
  • In-house end-to-end digital lending infrastructure
  • Customized lending products tailored to partner needs
  • Partnerships with banks/NBFCs for co-lending
  • Partnerships with fintechs, digital platforms and SME Anchors
    to source end borrowers
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Credit Cloud
  • Microservices enabled plug-n-play API based lending stack
  • Loan origination and loan management systems
  • Value added digital India-stack services such as Bureau, cKYC,
    PAN, Aadhar, AA bank statement analyzer
  • Enables digital lending within a short time frame of 2 weeks
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Risk Engine
  • In-house risk engine to underwrite modern risk
  • Uses data from traditional and alternate sources such as SMS,
    email, utilities etc
  • Enables the company to create profitable credit products for
    its customers
  • Provides advanced analytics-based risk management services such
    as application scorecards, early warning systems etc
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